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To Our Amazing Clients and followers,

As many business within Durham Reigion prepare for re-opening after Covid-19 closure we are excitedly preparing to finally re-open our doors as of Friday June 19th.

there will be many new procedures to enact prior to your procedure appointments and we will be functioning by an appointment only basis moving forward.
our artists are trying to rebook all clients we had to cancel with the closure back in March and hoping to give everybody new dates in a timely manner. Once those are all sorted out we will be accepting new appointments. We appreciate your patients as this is a very stressful time as we navigate the new procedures, working with a mask and glasses and only allowed 1 artist 1 client at a time, no guests or visitors.

there will be a pre-procedure pkg emailed to all of our clients including our electronic waiver that must be completed prior to arrival, as well as screening upon arrival at our studio.

masks must be worn by anyone who enters the studio and hand washing will be proceeding your entry.

we will not be able to provide any food or drinks so please ensure you bring snacks and water for your appointments.

We want to assure you that our daily practices are designed with yours and our personal health in mind. We wash our hands before and after every point of contact, always wear gloves when in contact with our guests, our supplies are disposable, and every station is sanitized after every appointment. We’re likely the cleanest place to be right now.

due to Covid-19 we have temporarily closed the studio until further notice, you can still do an online consultation with an artist and get the ball rolling on your new tattoo adventure .. please click here.

Welcome to Ink Is Art Tattoo Lounge












Be sure to give us a call if you are looking for some ink! Give us a call at 905-665-9305 or book here on the website under the ‘Book A Consult’ Tab!

***Remember to keep your fresh tattoos out of direct sunlight, and all healed tattoos sunscreened!


Ink Is Art Tattoo Lounge is an exciting tattoo parlor in Whitby. Bringing a high end and spa like feel to the parlor, where friends new and old can come and enjoy the atmosphere and relax in our lounge area.

Our artists include Christine Fenzl, Kyle Stuart, Krista Herzog, Evan Pelan . Ink Is Art is a professional private studio using fully disposable products, proudly following all health code protocols and health board standards for your safety and ours. We are always working on new artwork and post it up in our artwork section.

If you’re interested in booking for an appointment please feel free to email or call us to arrange for a free consultation, see the studio and to discuss your design and ideas. Then we can get started on your new tattoo design! 

35 Responses to Ink Is Art

  1. Ron Flynn says:

    Christine did such an awesome job on my cover up of an old tattoo I’ve had for years. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a tattoo, cover up or not! Thank you very much Christine. I’m very happy with it

  2. Julie says:

    Just got my first tattoo ever in memory of a very special lady, my grandmother. I gave Christine my idea and within minutes she came up with a beautiful piece of art and even managed to incorporate my grandmother’s handwriting. When the time came to get my tattoo, Christine made me feel at home, comfortable, and at ease. She took the time to explain each step and what to do for aftercare. I am so very happy with the end result. Thank you Christine for making my first tattoo experience a great one.

  3. Breanna Childerhouse says:

    I went in for my first ever tattoo on my birthday and Rob was absolutely amazing! He helped me plan out my tattoo and placement and it turned out beautiful. The pain was almost nothing and I’m absolutely in love. Thank you so much!

    • Rob says:

      I can’t thank you enough for the kind words and compliments Breanna! I’m so pleased that you love your tattoo, that means so much to me.


  4. Kyle R says:

    Both my GF and I worked with Kyle to design our Celtic knots. He really took ownership of the ideas we offered and applied his exceptional creativity to the concepts. Today we experienced our visions being born into art and the results are phenomenal. SWEET WORK K-STU! We’ll be back. Your work will be advertised prominently!

  5. Priscilla suddard says:

    Love this place. Have had several tats done by Krista and always have a great experince. The shop has a friendly vibe and it’s like going to visit family ! Love you all !!!

  6. Carrie Stonehouse says:

    Shout out to the wonderfully talented Evan for making my Simpsons tattoo everything I always dreamed. Love your work and creativity!
    Thanks also for being so awesome. It was a pleasure to be tattooed by you:)

  7. France Casey says:

    Just got my first tattoo from CHRISTINE at 65 on my right ankle and I love it. Christine was really gentle and explained everything to me and answered all my questions while she was doing my tattoo. I even went bigger than originally and it looks fabulous. The experience was so positive that I booked for the fall to add on to this one. Thank you again so so much Christine and see you in the fall.
    P.s. Great place, great artist and great atmosphere! Oh yes…my husband loves it

  8. Riley Broughton says:

    Was just in for my first tattoo done by Kyle Stuart! He did an amazing job making sure I felt comfortable and really lightened the mood! Kyle was professional right from the start and ended up putting out some amazing artwork. Thank you!

  9. Nikki says:

    I had a piece done on my ribs and Krista did an amazing job! My daughter wanted a tattoo for her 16th birthday so I brought her in. Petra was so great helping us find the perfect font & tweak out the design. Krista captured exactly what my daughter wanted. It couldn’t have been a better experience. I won’t go anywhere else and recommend Ink is Art to everyone!! Fantastic group of artists!!
    Thanks again Petra for being our “Design Team Leader” and Krista for the fantastic job you did for us!!
    Nikki & Katrina

  10. Mike Taylor says:

    Just want to give a shoutout to Kyle. A year ago I stumbled across Ink is Art and visited Kyle for a consult. The tattoo session that followed was one of the best as Kyle demonstrated his knowledge of tattooing and was just an easy guy to spend time with. I went back last week to get another tattoo from him and once again, he proved to be a true professional. Thanks so much for the time spent tattooing Kyle. Appreciate the work you do.

  11. Fran Brown says:

    Hi Christine…I can’t thank you enough for making my tattoo experience amazing. Can’t wait till I get there again for the next one:)
    Much love xo

  12. Brittney Major says:

    I have been getting tattooed by Christine for many years she’s very professional and talented. Highly recommend her. 12:08

  13. Sandra Bruce says:

    I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to Christine for the beautiful job she did on my small tattoo. After I sprung a minor change to the original design on her, she was able to capture exactly what I was looking for (even though I wasn’t exactly clear myself LOL). From the consult appointment to the end result, everything about Ink is Art was great. I was greeted warmly by Petra and she quickly made be feel like we were old friends. I have been more than happy to recommend Ink is Art and Christine to everyone who is considering new ink. And I can’t wait to come back for the next piece.

  14. Millie says:

    Krista thank you so much for the positive experience I had at the salon. But most of all, your artistry that went into my first tattoo leaves me wanting to expand on it. See you soon. By the way, all my family and friends love it. U ROCK.

  15. Dave Lewis says:

    Thank you Christine awesome work can’t thank you enough I would recommend inkart to all went elsewhere to have a coverup done they did a terrible job and left with tattoo half done came to see Christine and she made it all right again great work and a very kind and friendly atmosphere had consultation and when came in for appointment she was well prepared with artwork and ideas to resolve the bad work that was done previously thank you again and will see you in the near future for some more work

  16. Lucy Purves says:

    OMG finally a tattoo establishment that is above all the rest. They are professional and truly deliver amazing customer service. Christine you an one hell of an amazing tattooist, both your creativity and deliverance of what I believe to be a beautiful master piece. the detailing and the colours have truly blown me away but it was the way you were able to take 3 different tattoo’s, cover one previous tattoo and then join them all into one beautiful canvas was a work of art. For all of you out there thinking of a tattoo and or cover up please go and see Christine for a consult I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks a million Christine you are truly the BEST and I am so glad I found you.
    Cheers from ONE VERY HAPPY Customer, Christine YOU ROCK!!!!!!
    Warmest Regards,
    Lucy Purves

  17. Donna Lalonde says:

    I absolutely love my tattoos done by Krista . They are better than the picture that I brought in. She is so perfect with the detail and think on the same wave line as me . I can not wait til she surprise me with the completion of mu wolf and raven. Next it will be my phoenix an dI know she will blow it out of the water. Way to go Krista . Thank you !

  18. Monique says:

    Just want to say these guys rock !!!!! Comfortable , talented , and professional . Cut above the rest !!!!!

  19. Cassie says:

    Just want to say a big thank you to Kyle who took both myself and my boyfriend in to do some walk-in tattoos! Couldn’t be more impressed with his art. A true genuine guy, very professional and easy to talk to. Was an absolutely pleasure meeting you and will be coming back again for more!

  20. Kelly D says:

    The new shop is amazing and the staff are an excellent group.

    Thanks to Krista for all your hard work. Every tattoo I’ve been lucky enough to have you create I love. You are a TRUE ARTIST.

  21. Kelly D says:

    I was in last Saturday and once again loved the atmosphere. The staff are amazing. Krista you make every tattoo more beautiful then I even imagine it to be in my head.

    Thank you for your hard work and amazing art. You are a TRUE ARTIST.

    • Krista Herzog says:

      It’s such a treat every time I get to tattoo you. Your an awesome person. Thank you for being such a great client!

    • Krista Herzog says:

      It’s such a treat every time I get to tattoo you. Your an awesome person. Thank you for being such a great client!

    • Krista Herzog says:

      It’s such a treat every time I get to tattoo you. Your an awesome person. Thank you for being such a great client!

  22. krista says:

    i was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at the art i shows some of your co-workers let me know if u would be willing to buy or if i could hang in your workplace to see if there are any buyer thanks krista cleminson …

  23. Carrie Stonehouse says:

    The best experience ever!
    Gorgeous work. Awesome artists

  24. Ron Walker says:

    I have not had he pleasure of having a tattoo yet but my first visit to the salon provided me with all the information required to be confident that all will go well in January.
    The information provided, the spaciousness, the ambiance and decor of the salon was impressive.


  25. Priscilla suddard says:

    Lovely atmosphere at this studio ! Went in for a consult yesterday and they made me feel welcome and listened to what I was looking for . Definetly a lovely group of people !

  26. Kenny MacKenzie says:

    Hi Krista
    Just a note to thank you for the wonderful tattoo love it

    • Krista Herzog says:

      Thanks Kenneth! It’s always a pleasure working with you.

      • Lanette says:

        I so agree with you…She is THE Golden Girl. She was the one to set the bar high for mo;&el#39ds to come. I also admire her for what she did outside of modeling. She was one of the first to go to countries, where one dare to go and not only go…Gave of herself and monies. To make this world a lot better. Another great post!!

  27. Mike Shep says:

    Hi Christine I just want to thank you again for the great tattoo
    For the few who seen the tatt they love it nice job. I’ll be back
    In 5/6 weeks or so. Thanks Mike

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