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Ink Is Art Tattoo Lounge
Whitby, Ontario

We have a wide variety of styles that we provide from custom artwork, black and grey, color , traditional, portraits and more.

No job too big, no job too small, we are up for it all.

All artwork is updated monthly – if you don’t see your photo here it may be that the photo was blurry – if you would like to come
back in so we can take a better photo, we can then post one up for you 🙂 – We also have a Facebook group that we post the
photo’s up in more regularly – the link is on the side tab.

Reminder you must be a minimum of 18 years old to get a tattoo, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian (ID required by
both). Please take it as a compliment if we ask you for photo ID if you look under 25.



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