Christines Online Consult form

Consultations: Please remember – we are discussing 1 tattoo per consultation apt. If you’re looking to discuss multiple tattoo’s then multiple appointments may be required. If you have a multitude of designs you’re looking to get then it gets difficult for the artist to focus on the one specific tattoo when it comes to drawing.

When visiting your artist. –please be precise and as descriptive as possible.
REFERENCE photos– 
– no screen shots as these images are too small to work with
– all reference work must be at the highest pixels possible.
So you must save the image directly – not a screen shot.

 Miscommunication may result in a sketch/mock up of your tattoo that may not be exactly what you’re looking for – our artists write notes specifically pertaining to the consultation of the 1 tattoo you’re looking to get done – sometimes information can be missed. So, if you feel you missed something not written on the copy of your consultation sheet then please email the artist to clarify as soon as you can so that they can add those details to the drawing criteria.

If you’re unsure of placement/or exactly what you’re looking to get tattooed
– then please come back when you are more sure of what you’re looking for.
Our artists cannot predict this for you.

my email is if you have any further questions. 


designs will be sent via email within 72 hrs of your tattoo date – 

Due To COVID we are limiting all in person contact - so I am switching to online consultations.
once i review your requested tattoo - i'll contact you with further questions. to book a tattoo i will require a non-refundable deposit that will be required to be sent via e-transfer - once received we will call you to book your tattoo date- please keep in mind i tend to be booked out 3-6 months in advance- if i have any cancellations i fill those spots first before looking out later in my schedule.   if you would like to be placed on the cancellation list - this is great - however i will require a booked date and we can bump you up if it becomes available.  if this is a cover up - i will contact you for a in person consultation date. thank you for your trust in me to put my art on you forever!
You must be 18 or older to get tattooed. If you are 16-18 years old you must be accompanied by your legal guardian or parent with matching addresses on government issued photo id.
Be sure to include every detail Is there any special meaning? even if we discussed it previously please include all info pertaining to this tattoo so that i dont have to go through emails/texts or "other" to figure it out.
Photo must be taken from 5-6 feet away and be taken in a brightly lit room - you may need someone else to assist you.
Please Do not send screen shots- I need actual .jpeg images Not photos of photos on screens or walls either sorry.. I need clean clear images. Screen shots are usually captured and minimal data is collected.. when I put it on my large screen it’s too small and pixilated. If you do not have the actual photo please use a different reference. As I will discard screen shots. If you are sending other tattoos as reference. Please note I will not replicate another artist tattoo work, I will recreate my own version. I prefer to use real life photographs of the subject for my references rather than working from other peoples tattoos. We can use tattoo photos for style reference.
My rates are $150 per hour (1hr minimum)
Please visit Find a font you like and let me know the name of the font to use. I can not decipher fonts used from other peoples tattoo photos. This is not how we find/do this. Please also indicate the exact phrase/lettering/names etc in the space below -be sure spelling and grammar and dates are correct.

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