Christines Online Consult form

Christine has an hourly rate AND minimum of $150
Please provide phone number you can be easiest reached at.
If you choose colour, please be sure to include details about amount of colour and which colours you'd like used in the 'Description of Tattoo' section below!
Describe your tattoo as detailed as possible. Colours you'd like used, words to be included, dates you'd like etc.
Please describe where you would like your tattoo to be placed on your body. Try to be specific. (i.e. inner, outer, upper, lower, left, right, centered, wrapping)
Please include photo of the space on your body you wish to be tattooed.
Please provide a price range you'd like to stay in.
Please provide preferred tattoo size in INCHES. (i.e. 4 inch x 6 inch) **Please do not say "Small dinner plate"
A minimum $50 Non-Refundable Booking Fee is required for each sitting or  date booked payable via e-transfer  (This will be deducted from your final tattoo session.) the assistant will call you for booking please make sure your number is correct. and will let you know how much of a deposit is required.
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