Ink Is Art Tattoo Lounge offers a variety of body piercings.

Each Piercing includes the use of all single use and disposable products for your safety, the procedure also includes starter jewelry that has been pre-sterilized and packaged.

All general Piercings are $30+tax.
Nipple, Daith and Rook Piercings are $40+tax.






Below is the age limitations on our piercings with and without parent consent. there are no exceptions!

Sorry we do not offer:
Tongue, Septum, Surface, Industrial, Exotic Piercings or Implants.


All pricing is subject to applicable HST



Choose a preferred date.
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Leave the time set to “Any Time”
Select the artist you wish to be tattooed by.
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Once you select a time that works for you, click continue.

Input your information. and confirm:)

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