Touch-up Request

Here at Ink Is Art Tattoo Lounge We take pride in our art. We want it to look fabulous. Which is why it’s our policy to offer a complimentary touch up within 365 days of your initial tattoo completion with us.
Providing the utmost care on your part was adhered to during the full healing process (the first 3 months of receiving your tattoo)
However should your tattoo have experienced sun exposure causing the tattoo to fade dramatically water exposure bleaching the tattoo clothing contact which may have exfoliated the tattoo in areas and other neglect there may be a fee required for your touch up. Can be determined upon inspection once in person. Sometimes it’s not directly visible in photos. Any fees will be discussed prior to the touch up session commencing.

Touch up aftercare is just as important as the first time round. So please allocate your time/schedule to accommodate the requirements.

please fill out the form below so we can make an assessment on the repairs required and we will contact you with the next steps.

Generally the first 14 days of healing are the most critical, by then the scab/crust should have lifted away and then you would follow general maintenance for the remainder of the 3 month process.
I know photos might say it all, but you can see this with your own eyes at the moment and we can not. So please explain what you see as the photos might not show us as clearly

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